Back to square one.

Just to clear some things up.

I was told today that I was close minded because I stated an analogy about my sister, poorly worded might I add. Though Anyone who states an opinion can be open to information. I stated an anology about my sister about how I hate the fact just because she messed up, and it has effected my family, we should haze her because of the toll its taken on my family. Fuck that. Dont blame her because this is bad news to you and its gotten your panties in a bunch. How about you try a new way to support and help her instead of sitting there hoping for satan to get out of her head. How about you take a stand of action and tell her that you love her and no matter what shes done, that wed be there for her.
How about instead of coming up with every fucking excuse in the book, you own up to your actions of shitting on everyone about their fuckups and mistakes and end it. My family does this all the time as they believe its everyones fault except for theirs when they outkast someone.
My life right now is fucked up and constant argueing doesnt make it better.
My mom wont even talk to my sister until she says she hears from god and he tells her what to do. The last time that happened they didnt talk for a year and still after that my mom never admitted to having god talk to her. I love my mom and I acknowledge her faith and how strong it is, but the hypocritical part is that she shouldnt be thanking god for having this happen in my sisters life because this is forcing her to move home. She should be sister for making the choice to move home, to start clean, and never do the things shes done down there.

This is a personal vent, its my personal opinion. I dont go haze others opinions on life and I dont see why anyone should care about mine either.
This isnt meant to offend but its my stance on the situation, im not saying theres no other way then what im saying, im stating that in my head, what they are doing is fucked up and tearing my family apart.
This isnt even half of the situation and I cant even to continue to write more because this makes my mind boggle so much. This is just how I would handle it and im not saying theres no other way to handle it. Just understand that I am going through a fucked up part of my life right now.

I have never felt so stripped in my life.

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